From the very beginning, the internet has been seen by users as both an escape and a form or entertainment. From movies to music and all the endless types of fun content, the internet connects people and often can seduce them to spend some money.

That’s what happens within the realm of one of the main types of online entertainment, iGaming. The iGaming industry is much more of a huge and vast world than many of us can imagine. Being so diversified, it easily attracts a wild number of gamers worldwide. It’s no surprise that iGaming platforms are growing exponentially.

Here are two interesting facts and figures behind the growth of the iGaming sector.

Huge Sales

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Online gaming sales are growing at an impressive rate, always accompanying the equally impressive proliferation of countless digital games. The industry is valued in billions, and by 2020 is set to reach $60 billion, an increase of $36 billion in eight years.

Free-play-games with in-game optional transactions is responsible for much of this growth in sales, since players feel more confident and secure but, at the end of the day, are still enticed to purchase.

Female Gamers

Although stereotyped as a male hobby, the number of female and male gamers is pretty balanced, with 50% pending to each side. Some studies even conclude that the percentage of female players reaches 52%.

The market is obviously aware of the opportunities to diversify and profit. The iGaming world is gradually becoming more inclusive and now has options that attract virtually every group of consumers.

The iGaming industry has fully milked the power of the digital world and continues to do so, perhaps more and more at each stage of the evolution. The success of online gaming rests on top of years of intelligent planning, designing and promoting of this industry.